Materials Research Products supplies laboratory consumables for product and process testing. 

Our principal range comprises testmaterials and reference detergents used by corporate laboratories, test houses and consumer research organisations in the detergency industry.

Laboratory testing plays an important role in product development, particularly in the increasingly competitive and globalised markets for laundry and dishwashing products.  Testing is essential to ensure your products meet both international product standards (such as IEC and ECE) and regulatory requirements.  And it is crucial in measuring product performance to be sure your products meet customer expectations.

MRP sources a wide range of test materials from Europe's leading manufacturers.  Our products include numerous soils and stains used in the performance evaluation of detergents, enzymes, bleaches and other detergent components.  We also supply a comprehensive range of products for testing the performance of dishwashers and their detergents.

MRP clients include the main producers of branded and own-label detergents, manufacturers of washing machines and dishwashers, test houses and consumer research organisations.

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