MRP supplies a wide range of testmaterials from CFT, EMPA, wfk and Warwick Equest, all of which are produced to the highest quality specifications.

Both soiled and unsoiled fabrics are available.  Typical substrates for soiled testmaterials include cotton (woven or knitted), polyester, poly/cotton, nylon and wool.

An enormous range of soils are available, including both Standardised Stains (machine made) and Circular Stains (hand made).

Different soil groups are of course designed to test specific attributes of detergents or their components.  Please contact us to discuss which soils would best suit your testing requirements.

Typical soils include blood, cocoa, coffee, red wine, olive oil, blood / milk / ink, sebum and a wide range of juices including blackcurrant, redcurrant, morello (cherry), apple, bilberry, strawberry, peach, tomato, kiwi and mango.  Other stains include spinach, grass, egg yolk, mayonnaise, shoe polish and many more.

For manufacturers of dishwashers and dishwash detergents, a number of very effective soilings are available on a variety of tile substrates, including melamine, glass, steel and plastic.  

By special arrangement, new soilings, substrates and detergents can be developed to customers' own specifications.


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